Thursday, September 2, 2010

BYU's Too Awesome

Sometimes I think I'm just too lucky to be able to go to BYU. The cup of hilarious BYU students just runneth over. One little instance of hilarity was revealed to me today when I was introduced to a man in my 322 class named Stetson. Then I was surprised to see the same young man in my 325 class. But, now here's the twist, he introduced himself as Drake!

Now I know what you're all thinking: we're at an accredited University where people are mature enough not to need pseudonyms--he's probably just another white guy (they all look alike). But he's not! And I can prove it.

Reasons why I know he's the same guy:

He's got a ton of visible moles, and I'm very sure the constellations match up.

Same wedding ring (first thing I noticed because Stetson/Drake is about as hot as male editing minors get)

He lays down the same genre of "witty" teacher/student comments.

Then laughs too loudly at all his own "jokes."

He also sits in the most uncool seat in the room in both classes. The one that's closest to the teacher's podium.

But even if it is two different people, this Drake/Stetson situation has reminded me how awesome it is to be in college and get a fresh start with new and different people all the time. Every semester you get new classes, new wards where you can be a new you! Why shouldn't you be able to be a Stetson on MWF and Drake on TTh? And maybe I'll even hit up my American Lit class with what I like to call a British accent?


Rebecca Woolf said...

You would notice all those things :)! Love you!

ahlin said...

hahahaha that is hilarious. love it here.

Becky said...

byu is officially the funniest place in the entire world. i walk around campus all day laughing cause people here are just that funny. for no apparent reason. i also think this is one of the better blog posts i have read in a while. kudos.