Monday, January 18, 2010

Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem

Pictures! I hope everyone enjoys this visual stimulus brought to you by the wireless at Hebrew University (the internet at our center is a little too junior to be able to withstand pictures being uploaded).This is the view from the center on our first free day. As you can see, I was pretty excited to have been out on the town.

This is me showing the Dome of the Rock like it's something you can win on Price Is Right.

At the Ethiopian Church where a man of the cloth came up to me, kissed both of my cheeks, hugged me, and then proceeds to spray my entire body (including both of the cameras in my hands) with this Oriental perfume.

This last week we were able to go to the Western Wall for the ushering in of Shabbat (after sundown, which is strictly contraband under regular circumstances) and it was tov to the max! The whole place was packed with old Jewish women who looked like they stepped out of a European cafe in the 50's, even older men who covered their bald spots with kippas, packs of Hebrew school students with scriptures that opened the wrong way, and (my personal favorite) hordes of Israeli soldiers much too beautiful to be enlisted.

From the Ultra-Orthodox Jews down to the observant gentiles, we all had our own way of communicating with God. After standing in front of the wall and just absorbing all the reverence from the wide spectrum of worship, I finally wrote down my prayer and as I pressed it between the prayers of hundreds of others from all over the world I felt so spiritually connected with this little world full of people looking for something to make them happy. Awesome.


Jordyn said...
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Jordyn said...

Great. I just had to fix a typo, and now you're probably wondering what was so humiliating that I had to delete my first attempt.

You, miss, are pulling off those linen pants. And is that a denim shirt I spy in that first picture? "You also are looking very sexy." Keep living the dream and finding yourself!! Oh and I still miss you tons. But that almost goes without saying.

Janet said...

What wonderful photos. Just knowing you are there connects the news stories from Israel to me. Have a wonderful time and drink it all in. Love you.

Janet said...

Oh, yes, a bit of news from home Your cousin Caitlin just got engaged. She is getting married May 7. She's floating on clouds of happiness right now.

Musing Elitist said...

the israeli soldiers are so gorgeous! i'm glad that you are attracted to them as well. people just don't understand when i explain how fantastic they are.

Lauren said...

I feel that should be blogging more than you are. mainly because I want to hear about your life rather than live my own. k thanks. miss youuuuuuuu