Friday, August 7, 2009

La Vie En Rose

As I keep getting older, I keep expecting the fun to drain out of my life. Sad mentality, but it's how I feel. And as this is my third year out of high school (where, as everyone who watches MTV knows, the end of your youth is had) I imagined that I would have to spend this summer in a suit and penny loafers doing adult things like taxes and Mavis Beacon.

But I was so happily wrong!

This summer has definitely been one worthy of looking back on. I've spent most of my time in a swimsuit or my chacos, I've made friends in small towns,
(Note the beautiful St. Bernard that was too gorgeous I had to pull my car over to make his acquaintance, and luckily it was captured on camera)

I made the rope swing in Mona my byatch (even though I incurred 3rd degree rope burns, massive bruises, smatterings of broken blood vessels and two lungfulls of pond water), I've danced my face off,

I've gone topless almost everyday, I've indulged in multiple Harry Potter Festivities,

I've crawled my way up to the top of a mountain, and I survived swine flu and being a gospel doctrine teacher (I don't know which one was harder on my system).

Most of this was made possible by the fact that I didn't have a job or school most of the summer, but I'm going to attribute most of the awesomeness to just the common euphoria of summer. I've been born and raised in Utah, home of the 2002 winter olympics, but I think I've come to the conclusion that winter isn't really for me. I'm sick of wrapping yourself up like you're last night's leftovers before you venture anywhere outdoors. And finding things to do that are inside unless you want to lose a favorite extremity.

I want to live in a place where shoes are only worn to church. Where no one cares about their hair because it's just going to get wet from beach/pool/lake/sweat. And the night air reaches the exact temperature of the outside layer of your skin so that you've reached a temperature homeostasis with the world.
An endless summer.
Because summer's too pleasant to be miserable, too hot to worry about anything, too warm to be in a hurry. Summer's like one of those friends who you love so much, and you know they love you too, but they never come around often enough. And where I live they only come around for three short, but glorious months. So please Summer, don't go now. Sit back down and have another otter pop with me. I'll even give you the pink one!


Jordyn said...

1. Mavis Beacon. You know how I feel about that woman and her typing skills she so charitably shares with the world.
2. I don't think you realize how much this just cheered me up. You're right! We don't have to grow up yet! I've been sitting here in Colorado, feeling weird about being practically 21 (and thus practically 30, nay 40, nay 80), and you've brought a light into this tunnel.
3. Perfect song on top of everything else.


Gravy Jones Johnson said...

You're grammar is immaculate.

Anna Banana said...

you belong in hawaii, darling.

no, seriously.

Anonymous said...

You have such amazing talents Alex! Thanks for sharing your fun posts with me (everyone, but especially me :) I love to hear what's going on in your fun life! And life isn't over when you are 21. I think even when i'm 60 i won't care because i'll still have my personality... I hope at least, right?! hmmm who knows, maybe i'll just be the boring old person. But I do know for sure that YOU won't be!

Nikki said...

Ha yes being in college gives me a lot more freedom, I get to stay out till 1 o clock! Alex if that isn't freedom, I don't know what is. Well hussy summer is over but I'm sensing the good times will keep on coming. Hey maybe we can both have seasonal depression together. Misery loves company.

Holli said...

live in Bali.