Sunday, January 25, 2009

Philosophy, Shmilosophy

So after spending about an hour trying to read Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle (and by "trying" I mean staring at a lot of little black circles and lines while letting my mind formulate its own philosophical questions like: What color was my retainer in third grade? Do I eat enough fiber? If I learned the "Single Ladies" music video, would Beyonce be my best friend?) I've finally come to the conclusion that sometimes school is hard, just to be hard. I don't think my professors really believe that someone in the professional world will ask me how Aristotle cured Polio (I still haven't finished the reading), and I probably will never think about this text again once I take the test. 
With 19 credits and a huge tendency to procrastinate, I spend a fair amount of my time looking like this little girl. But at least I know I'm not the only one in the world. In one of my classes I was engaging in one of my favorite pastimes: Laptop Spying; when I stumbled across a real gem of a note-taker. This student provides full commentary to the boring bullet points our professor provides. Commentary like "I wonder if this guy in front of me knows how bad he's sweating" and "Never eat Taco Bell before another 3 hr evening class again" keeps going to class worthwhile. But the first thing that drew my prying eye to his MacBook screen was this:
I don't even know who Jeffrey (original spelling) Chaucer is, much less how the black plague influenced his ideas on the aristocracy!
Thank you. Thank you God for letting me know that not everyone at BYU was born writing thesis statements in MLA format while playing a piano concerto they wrote while they were helping the orphans in Somalia. There are some mortals out there. Even if we're too afraid to admit that we don't keep our Organic Chemistry textbook to use as reading material for that next plane ride we have to our prestigious internship in Washington DC to anyone but a Word document, it's OK. There are dozens of us, DOZENS!


Brooke said...

alex! i'm excited i found your blog!

oh my! i totally feel the same way about school. that's great you saw someone write that on their laptop.

Emma said...

Just remember, if I passed and graduated, you totally can. 19 credits is insane, but you handle it well.

holli hale said...

gurl, I've got love for you. You are taking 19 credits??? jeez, you are the academic superstar!

Jordyn said...


Picture me, in that pretty little head of yours, smiling at my computer with pure, unadulterated joy at this post. It is a sight to see. Not only does this involve misspelling of the name Geoffrey/Jeffrey, hilarious, but also a never nude reference. Brava!

Rebecca said...

i remember when we all used to be nevernudes together. man those were the days. and hellloooo it's called sparknotes. didn't you learn anything in london?

camille said...

hahah... HAH.

i like you.
and it was fun to see you that random one day in the hall :)

Lauren said...

oh alex. this is amazing... and so much better than reading my biology... which fits the whole premise of the post anyways.