Friday, December 5, 2008

Once Upon A December

I can't believe it is already December.
I have seen that month looming at the end of the calendar, but I don't think I ever really thought that it would have the bones to actually appear.
But it did.
Which means the lovely segment of my life that consists of reading the London Paper everyday, and eating West African food on the way home from the National Gallery must soon come to a close.
But let's not talk about that right now.
Let's talk about how everything in London is still amazing and I couldn't be happier to be here!
Thanksgiving was awesome, and we totally schooled London on what it's like to be a grateful American. We went to a synagogue in the morning. Which is a tradition in my family. Yeah you're right, it's not. But it was cool to hear a lot about Judaism, because all I really knew was based on my knowledge of Adam Sandler songs. Then we hit up some high tea at the Kensington Palace Orangerie, which was dreadfully good. The tea was herbal, of course, but it was so yummy! I may not have converted to Judaism, but I think I have converted to the tea-drinking way. By the way I take my tea with two lumps. And then some. After tea we had a bit of a photo shoot where the thanksgiving spirit descended as a pigeon onto Jordyn and Rebbie's heads.

The reaction was heightened by Jordyn's already nervous disposition, but as you can see Sara wasn't shaken at all, and the fuss only caused me to blink. Which I'm proud of.
Here's a closer view, courtesy of Jordyn's blog:

I hope this brings you as much joy as it brought Jordyn anguish.
After gorging ourselves on the Centre's version of Thanksgiving, (which was spot on, except there were no orange rolls (Thomases) or rowdy expletives (Browns) which made me sad, on both parts) we decided that in the grand tradition of the post-Thanksgiving movie-going we would go see a musical.
Lion King.
Blew my mind. I knew I would love it though, it's got animals, and music, and is backed up by Disney. It couldn't go wrong.


Rebecca Ann Groesbeck said...

remember how lauren & jordyn took their tea with 5 lumps and then it was too sugary to even drink? yeahh....i'm glad i've been able to share this time with you. can we please keep blogging when it's over? i feel that 2 miles of the foothills is too distant of a separation. and please keep the comments coming. since google analytics hates me it's my only source of self-esteem these days.

ann cannon said...

It's funny--I was thinking about you today, wondering how you're feeling now that your experience is almost over. And here you are, talking about just that!

December was a bittersweet month for me all those years ago. My roommate Donna and I went out to dinner and play together our last night there. It was a good way to say good-bye to a great city.

I love high tea. Say what you will about British food, no one does little tea cakes and sweet things better.

Lauren said...

oh this was so much more fun to read than my shakespeare notes! as you can see i am being very productive studying for finals... but the pigeon picture was just enough to brighten my boring evening!