Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm Home! Now What...

My country tis of thee,
Land where the water's free,
Of thee I sing.
Land where the dollar's used
Brits' slang won't me confuse
Back to plain old BYU
Let freedom ring.

I know you've heard the rumors, and they are true.
I am home.
[insert elated cheering here]
Christmas and New Years have been great, I've had some big activities like eating, watching my favorite TV shows, (DogTown, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, America's Next Top Model etc.) eating some more, snowboarding, (too bad my little sister's already better than me) a little more eating, coming to the realization of how out of shape I truly am at good old Gold's Gym, and of course, eating still more. It's been kind of lazy. But I do start the real world of BYU in about 10 hours, and seeing how I haven't been to a real college class in... well, longer than it's been since Paris Hilton had her last DUI that's for sure, it might be a little bit of a culture shock.
Although I am looking forward to having a little structure in my life and having more to do than just eat and entertain myself during the day, it's going to be a bit difficult to step back into the competitive world of Cougars. To combat this anxiety, I decided to make some New Years resolutions. 4 days late.

1. Stop procrastinating. As you can see my New Years resolutions done on the fourth of January is a telltale sign of what a big part of my life this is.
2. Get a job. This is probably going to mean a lot less America's Next Top Model.
3. Stop wasting so much time. This is definitely going to mean a lot less America's Next Top Model.
4. Make friends in ALL my classes. I'm starting to think that this post displays my social skills as somewhat under par, but really I'm a pretty friendly person. Mostly. There's just something about being in class that shuts me down. But not this year.

Yes. I realize the last one is kind of covered in the fact that the aboves are "resolutions" and not just some happy thoughts on life, but I thought if I typed it out it might help me realize it. That's why it's in all caps too. I once heard that if you typed something in all caps then it is the online equivalent of yelling. So forgive me for raising my voice. I'm just excited to start school.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

3 Hours.
That's all I have left of my London paradise.
I know I'm greedy by thinking that I deserve even one more day of this fabulous life, but how can I help it?
I'm convinced that no one had a better Study Abroad than London Fall 08. And I have the scientific evidence to back it up.
Not only have I had an aMAZing time here, but I have learned a lot. (Imagine that, learning on a study abroad?)

I've learned:
When they say there are going to be slight delays on the Circle Line, do NOT get on the train unless you never want to get to your final destination.
A sunny, blue sky do not mean that you won't come home looking like you just swam the English Channel.
Just because we walk everywhere and climb four flights of stairs to get to our room doesn't mean I deserve a magnum, Hummingbird's cupcake, Ben's Cookies, and possibly another Magnum. Every day.
The word cheers, when said with a British accent, can mean: please, thank you, you're welcome, hello, goodbye, pass the salt, shaken not stirred. . . and anything else a Brit needs to say.

But the most important things I've learned have been from the people I've spent these glorious months with. I wish I could name everything from every single person, but I don't think I could manage it in the three hours before my flight leaves. But to everyone of you--you touched my life. Thank you for being the type of girls that make me want to be a better person. I know I came to London for a reason, and it was to meet every one of you. You all deserve medals for putting up with me for four months. And the rest of your lives, because you're not getting rid of me!
Nothing but love.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Once Upon A December

I can't believe it is already December.
I have seen that month looming at the end of the calendar, but I don't think I ever really thought that it would have the bones to actually appear.
But it did.
Which means the lovely segment of my life that consists of reading the London Paper everyday, and eating West African food on the way home from the National Gallery must soon come to a close.
But let's not talk about that right now.
Let's talk about how everything in London is still amazing and I couldn't be happier to be here!
Thanksgiving was awesome, and we totally schooled London on what it's like to be a grateful American. We went to a synagogue in the morning. Which is a tradition in my family. Yeah you're right, it's not. But it was cool to hear a lot about Judaism, because all I really knew was based on my knowledge of Adam Sandler songs. Then we hit up some high tea at the Kensington Palace Orangerie, which was dreadfully good. The tea was herbal, of course, but it was so yummy! I may not have converted to Judaism, but I think I have converted to the tea-drinking way. By the way I take my tea with two lumps. And then some. After tea we had a bit of a photo shoot where the thanksgiving spirit descended as a pigeon onto Jordyn and Rebbie's heads.

The reaction was heightened by Jordyn's already nervous disposition, but as you can see Sara wasn't shaken at all, and the fuss only caused me to blink. Which I'm proud of.
Here's a closer view, courtesy of Jordyn's blog:

I hope this brings you as much joy as it brought Jordyn anguish.
After gorging ourselves on the Centre's version of Thanksgiving, (which was spot on, except there were no orange rolls (Thomases) or rowdy expletives (Browns) which made me sad, on both parts) we decided that in the grand tradition of the post-Thanksgiving movie-going we would go see a musical.
Lion King.
Blew my mind. I knew I would love it though, it's got animals, and music, and is backed up by Disney. It couldn't go wrong.