Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paris Holds The Key To My Heart!

Bonjour mes amis!
I thought that I might do my whole blog en Francais, and then I remembered that thanks to 5 years of French all I know how to say is that I like ice cream and that I'm 14 years old.
So that will come in handy if I meet a pedophile.
Despite my limited language skills, I am tres excite! (Use your decoding skills to decipher that). I can't wait to go stay in a hotel where I don't have to run madly down the hall to find a very dirty community bathroom that I share with an interesting cocktail of European youth.
Or have the assurance that I won't be fed sausage, ham, baked beans, soup and toast for breakfast.
But the best thing about the delicieux food, and the beautiful city filled with beautiful people is that they all come with the Euro! This blessed form of currency doesn't make the dollar look quite as ridiculous as the pound does and maybe I'll feel like my country has more to back up my little George Washington than Monopoly money.


Jordyn said...

This is it. All my hard work has been leading up to this moment. Except I will probably still need you to whisper the correct pronunciation of "I want a croissant" into my ear, like I'm giving a primary talk.

Emma said...

You probably know how jealous I am of you right now. Have fun! And here is my best French sentence that just might come in handy...Ou est la toilet s'il vous plais?

ann cannon said...

j'em appelle Ann Louise. I learned how to say THAT in the sixth grade. (Didn't learn how to spell it though.)

Paris is the best. Am thinking of you always.

Gravy Jones Johnson said...

I don't get it. What was wrong with that breakfast?

Anonymous said...

look how pretty you are!!! It's been fun following your travels abroad. Thank you for sharing them with us :)