Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Claim To Fame

I know guys. I know. You're all insanely jealous of me right now, right? For all of those who, for some reason, can't tell; this is a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio. You see the pink blur? He is two blurs to the left from that. Beautiful.
Ok, in my defense there were adoring fans all around and since I was clearly the muscles of the situation I was the one hoisting the little girl on top of my shoulders. Thus the horrible picture.
But who else can say they have an unrecognizable picture of the back of some semi-washed up teen heartthrob's head?
Yeah, I'm pretty lucky.
I really did get to see him though, and it was quite grand. Right when I looked into his blue eyes I knew that even though I was squished into the arm pit of some full grown man who kept yelling "Leo" at the top of his lungs approximately every seven seconds (he must have been pretty close to Leonardo because he was comfortable enough to call him Leo), Leonardo saw me and knew that we would be fast friends. I am expecting a call anytime soon and he'll invite me to drink cocoa with Gisele and him.
I wonder what I'll wear...

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Jordyn C said...

You saw the infamous baby blues of Leo?! I couldn't see them so well from my perch. All I ever really saw was the back of his coiff--oiled and slicked to perfection. FYI it is 2 am and I'm in the classroom with only the centre ghosts to keep me company.