Monday, October 13, 2008

Underground Rap

I think my entries have been a little flat, hopefully this little ditty about the London pub-trans will spice things up a bit.
This one is done to the musical score of Eazy E.
If that means anything to anyone.

Cruisin down Bayswater to my tube, yo.
Flash them the pass, walk through the do'
Sniffing up the urine and the B.O.
Waitin for the lift to come to my flo'
Chick gets on the mic and says "next lift"
and I smile a bit cause it smells like... poo

Elevator comes and we all pile in
Next thing I know I'm spooning an Asian
Of course it's awkward silence, but it's all cool though
I brought my Sudoku from my Lite Metro
The doors open and the wind's all up in my grill
Tears are blowin down my face it's so hard homie ya feel?

Barely make the train--Mind The Gap!
There never is a seat, man that's whack.
Holding to the bar like it's the iron rod
Staring at some strangers while listening to my Pod
Britney Spears comes on the phones and I can't help but nod,
I'm dancin to the beat even if I'm not usin my bod

Queensway, Lancaster, Marble Arch and Bond,
To say we're flying by, ain't too wrong.
The lights are flickering, but man I ain't scurred
I own this city now, London ya heard?
They's people all around, one's got a nasty cough
Then I holla to my peeps, "Dis where we gettin off".


Emma said...

Cruisin' I-15 in the 4-runner - OH
Calmin down Haley while wipin' her nose
Stopped at a Subway to get some foo'
Had to change her diaper becuz she poo-d

Straight Off The Streets! Loved it, and yours is way better than the real thing. haha

Janet said...

Ah! Big Ben He's my kind of guy. At least he's always on time. Keep having a great time. Janet

ann cannon said...

Emma performed your rap for me with real music. She was totally outstanding. Great job, Alexandra.

Anna said...

Can we PLEASE rap this like da Streets on the tube. I would die. No really. Someone would shoot me.

donnette perkins said...

Emma directed me to your blog just yesterday. I can't stop reading! I've been missing so much! I am loving every post. This one is exceptional.