Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thames Fest! Woot Woot

Every event I go to here is just better than the last I don't know what to do with myself! But I've realized that my last few posts have looked rather dull without pictures, but since I'm rather awful with taking photographs, I found this one on the internet. So it's not authentic at all. It's not even a good picture. But Emma, since you're the only one who reads my blog I'll put up some pizzaz for you.
Although I couldn't capture the essence of Thames fest in picture form, that's not to say I didn't have a good time. Quite opposite in fact, we were packed from shoulder to shoulder with half drunk Europeans from various origins, most of which weren't wearing as much deodorant as they should, and I couldn't have been happier. As we walked down the row of booths that were selling mind-blowing jewelry, cutest wool pea coats (which were sadly highly out of my price range), and everything antique from first edition books to Kama Sutra talismans. Don't forget all the best food from all around the world like Morocco, Caribbean, Greece, Thailand and even somewhere as foreign as Louisiana. Top it off with some street performers like a dancing Mona Lisa (don't worry the frame was securely fastened around her painted head) or a magician with just one eye and you cannot fail!
Of course my favorite part of it was the food, after much deliberation I decided on Moroccan food. It was a very good choice. Not only did I get some fabulous food, but the ethnic wonder behind the counter (he was probably 30 years my senior) asked if I would be his wife. So that was cool.


Emma said...

Jason says next time you get a chance, go for the authentic jerk chicken...you'll never look at another bottle of Jamaica Me Sweet Hot and Crazy again! Thanks for the picture...but listen...USE YOUR OWN CAMERA. Danka

Janet said...

Hey, I'm here too. What a great city London is. One of my favorite things is a map of the underground. It brings back lots of great memories of just how easy it is to get around. I also remember being packed in a crowd at Oxford Circus and having some Pakistani guy come up behind me and whisper a naughty invitation over my shoulder. Then he just walked off. I was rather insulted that he didn't even wait for an answer. Have lots more laughs. See you.

Anonymous said...

haha, Alex, this is Rachel Dean and I am coming out to say... that i am a blog stalker! haha and i'm reading your blogs too and i love to hear about your adventures in London. How fun!