Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Plane

As fun as everyone knows international travel to be, I think I had it pretty easy. Despite the fact that I only ended up sleeping about 2 hours before catching the plane at the departure time of the "butt-crack of dawn". I was in such a tired stupor when we set off from Utah I could have been strip searched and I wouldn't have known the difference. Our first layover was in Minneapolis. Yay. Had we been there one day earlier we could have witnessed a little of the Republican National Convention on our layover. And you thought layovers couldn't get any worse. Our layover actually ended up being just long enough for us to work up a hearty sweat running down through the entire airport (and most of Minnesota for that matter) trying to make up for a delay brought to you by the savvy team of motivated personnel at Northwest Airlines.
After our close shave in Minneapolis, we touched down for a decent two hour layover in Detroit, where we indulged in Quizno's (where one sandwich cost a whole month's salary) and dancing on the express tram. Luckily on the long trip I sat by the nicest southern man I think I could, or ever will, meet. He is here on business with two equally hospitable southern belles. I wish I were the kind of person that looks like I would like to chat it up with my neighbor in 34 G, but I had to settle with eavesdropping. I think the fact that the first think I did after sitting down was was slather my hands with hand sanitizer and pop two Tylenol PM's. Generally not the tells of a real people person.

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Emma said...

Ha! I miss you already. I'm glad you made it to London safely. But seriously, are you a germ freak now? What's up with the hand sanitizer? You crack me up. BTW did you get my last text before you got onto the plane? 3 pm my time next Sunday.