Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ah, The Power of Cheese

I am officially a resident of London now. I am unpacked (which generally consisted of dumping m extremely large suitcase into a disappointingly small drawer. I actually defied the laws of motion and space). I've already proved everyone wrong that said London didn't have any good food. I got this sandwich called the Mature Cheddar Pret Pickle. So good. There was just bread, lettuce, cheese and this mince meat/relish pickle spread but the bread was whole wheat and scrumptious, and the pickle spread added enough foreignness to give it an identity. But the cheese. Oh my gosh the cheese! It made me want to break all the American cheese-makers' knee caps for not bringing this cheese to America. You and I both know I love my country as much as anyone, and better than most, but cheese is one area where I have to shake my head in shame. I am very disappointed that we haven't mastered dairy products yet. We can spot weapons of mass destruction from outer space, but we can't make a good cheese to save our lives. It's the only thing holding us back. Just to let you know my goal is to master the art of fermented dairy products. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.


Emma said...

Do you remember the scene in French kiss where she ate TOO much cheese...don't do that ok. P.S. the little one ferments her own cheese...can you guess where?

Janet said...

Your write ups are making me laugh out loud at work and people are wandering by wanting to know what the joke is! If you think the cheese is great, just wait until you hit the newspaper stands and their supply of delicious candy bars with names like Aero and Flake. Something to look forward to.
Have tons of fun. Love, Janet